Investment Projects

SAVINGS UK Ltd invests in the best and most modern construction and development projects in the world

  • Banks and Financial institutions
  • Crude Oil refineries
  • Gold Mining
  • Power Plants
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Water desalination plant
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Residential and Commercial building development
  • Build megastructures like Airports and Dams
  • Technology and Innovation


Our projects primarily involve UK, US, European and emerging market companies through partnerships, joint ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions.


Banks - SAVINGS UK Ltd
Banks – SAVINGS UK Ltd
Airports - SAVINGS UK Ltd
Airports – SAVINGS UK Ltd
Power Plants - SAVINGS UK Ltd
Power Plants – SAVINGS UK Ltd
Oil Refinery - SAVINGS UK Ltd
Oil RefinerIes – SAVINGS UK Ltd
Return on Investments - SAVINGS UK Ltd
Return on Investments – SAVINGS UK Ltd


Our other specialties and interests include:

  • We raise private financing for the construction or development of refineries, Airports and other megastructures
  • Expert in Project Finance
  • Our company arranges financing from venture capitalists around the world.
  • Our goal is to help emerging companies finance their projects:
  • Crude Oil projects
  • Construction Financing
  • New developments of any projects that appear feasible
  • Support with financial products


SAVINGS UK LTD: 20%, Growth Fund: 10% , Retirement Fund: 10%, Apex Fund: 10%, Islamic Fund: 10%, other Investors: 40%.


SAVINGS UK Ltd offers countless investment benefits, which we’ll discuss in more detail below. Investing Projects can be a great way to generate passive income, which is essentially income you earn without working. So instead of taking on a second job or working more hours, you might have the opportunity to significantly increase your income through investments without leaving home. This means you can increase your income from the comfort of your home.

If you haven’t already, consider incorporating an investment strategy into your financial plan to help you achieve your long-term financial Goals with more confidence and with SAVINGS UK Ltd. can prepare for the future. Investing can benefit your current and future life, so consider getting started today to see for yourself the positive impact investing could have on your financial and personal success.

Return on Investment

It is the benefit an investor receives on their investment when investing in SAVINGS UK Ltd Projects. Return on investment (ROI)  is most often measured as net income divided by the original Investment capital. The higher the Return on Investment, the greater the profit obtained.

Target AER: 20-35%

ROI: approx 100% in 3-5 years

Can SAVINGS UK LTD change the ROI?
No, we do not change the return on investment. The Profit is distributed among all Shareholders and Investors according to their share of the investment.

Can I withdraw money before the end of the project term?
Yes, you can make withdrawals or close the account before the end of the investment project term.

To transfer money from your account or withdraw money to your Bank account, please Contact Payments Department.

How to invest?

  • Investments in SAVINGS UK LTD projects are possible for both private investors and businesses.
  • You can create an account online and make a deposit into your account or contact us to speak to the Investment Advisor.
  • The proceeds are strictly limited to the availability of projects and the remaining share for investors.
  • Once we have confirmed with you that your account has been opened, you have 14 days to fund your account.
  • During the funding period, you can fund your account from your nominated account, either electronically or by bank transfer, up to a maximum deposit of £5,000,000. If your account exceeds the maximum limit, the money will be returned to your specified account.
  • Each client can hold a maximum of £50,000,000 across all Savings UK Ltd projects. (You can request the restrictions to be lifted.)
  • Once the financing period of the investment project has expired, you will no longer be able to make further payments.
  • You can configure up to 5 authorized users.
  • All Payments must be made to and from your designated account.
  • You can manage your account using your own secure credentials.

Contact Investment Advisor



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