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What is an ETF?

An Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is a fund that can be traded on an Exchange like a Stock, which means it can be bought and sold throughout the day. ETFs typically have lower fees than other types of funds.
ETFs v Mutual funds: ETFs are similar to Mutual funds in many ways, except that ETFs are bought and sold on Stock Exchanges throughout the day from their owners, while mutual funds are bought and sold from issuers based on their prices at the end of the day. ETFs hold assets such as Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Futures Contracts, and/or Commodities such as Gold Bars, and typically operate using an arbitrage mechanism designed to trade close to their Net Asset Value, albeit with occasional deviations.

STOCKEXCHANGE.EU makes investments in ETFs easy; simply choose and proceed to invest.


Symbol Fund Name Asset Class Assets

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LEVERAGE     1:1
Margin.  100%
SWAP fees    No

TRADING HOURS    08:30 – 22:00
MIN Investment   100
Account Currencies    EUR/ USD/ GBP
Account setup     Free
Execution type     Market
Basic Account
Min deposit 100 EUR/ USD/ GBP
Investment options  500 Stocks, Cryptos, ETFs, Foex etc
Professional Account
Min deposit 10,000 EUR/ USD/ GBP
Investment options  10,000+ Stocks, Cryptos, ETFs, Foex etc
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